With eShare.ai. Break Free from Boundaries with Limitless File Sharing

Unlock the power of global connectivity with eShare, the ultimate solution for unlimited and free file sharing across the globe. With eShare, the world becomes your digital playground, where sharing files knows no limits.

Gone are the days of being restricted by file size, distance, or cumbersome transfer methods. eShare empowers you to effortlessly share files of any magnitude, from small documents to massive multimedia projects, without incurring any charges. Say goodbye to costly data transfer fees and hello to a new era of borderless collaboration.

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Why Choose eShare?

Unlimited File Size:

Share files of any magnitude, from small documents to massive multimedia projects, without restrictions.

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Seamless Accessibility:

Access your shared files from anywhere in the world, bridging continents effortlessly.

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Robust Security:

Your files are protected with advanced encryption protocols during transit and storage, ensuring confidentiality and privacy.

Data Security And Storage In Cloud Computing
Intuitive Interface:

Effortlessly share files with our user-friendly interface, designed for users of all technical backgrounds.

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Seamless Collaboration:

Enjoy real-time collaboration, simultaneous editing, and instant feedback, regardless of your collaborators’ location.

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Data backup:

Easy data file sync and recovery options from your mobile and desktop. 30 days recovery options for deleted files.

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Multiple Device Connectivity:

You can operate eShare.ai on desktops, iOS and Android devices.

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Share files through email:

Share folders on eShare.ai through your emails with customised access links.

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Data Monitoring:

Complete rights to monitor data with customised user access. Share, Reshare and Unshare.

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Embrace the freedom of unlimited eShare file sharing and join our thriving community of individuals, businesses, and creative minds who have broken free from the shackles of limitations. Experience the true power of eShare connectivity and maximize your potential. Sign up now and embark on an endless journey of collaboration and innovation.

The world is your sharing playground.